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Default Re: what if this rule change were to happen...

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
how can he hold "once beat" ?...if he is beat then he isn't near to hold

I wasn't even suggesting that "holding" be legal anyway...that is a different penalty all together...

even if holding was legal though, it would be dangerous, just like pressing is dangerous....because if the WR gets loose then you are not in motion with him at all any more...

Obviously in your world getting beat is a different meaning than mine. So I wont even go there with you just because you're an annoying d!ckhead.

How is holding a different penalty altogether? Its apart of pass inteference when you tell me the only way Wrs can now catch passes is to get seperation from DBs and more than likely significantly so a DB cant create any physical contact to disrupt the f*cking catch?

You just said in the Megatron highlight the DB could hold his arms to deny that play from being a TD. Thats holding idiot.

Your rule is so damn stupid you cant even argue the various scenarios people have with it. Its like you're improvising this shyt as you type. Then again you did say in the OP you're bored and thought of this stupid idea so eh.

Shame on me for actually thinking you gave this much thought. My bad.
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