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Default Re: what if this rule change were to happen...

Dude what are you babbling about? I'm guessing along with boredom came beer? Why do you suggest holding to be what you describe? Thats flat out retarded and ridiculous. Holding implies what you just said could HAPPEN according to your new rule suggest via the MEGATRON LINK POSTED.

You clearly said the DB could HOLD HIS ARMS which is HOLDING. What you described as holding sounds like f*cking wrestling, MMA. I'm talkin a DB can simply hold a WR to disrupt them from making a catch.

in that Calvin highlight you posted, the DB would be able to grab the WR's arms if he wanted

Your words. And this is what I mean by DBs taking advantage. You say grab, I say hold. Not much difference but I'm sure you will throw more useless text my way how there is.
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