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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by ace23
Lol, I had NM making the Final Four in all of mine.
I decided when I was making my bracket that I wasn't gonna choose any of the "sleepers" everyone was talking about. So my championship game, in what I think is my best bracket, was hesitantly miami over either Louisville or Kansas State. Then I'm riding the wave with VCU in the final four, because it seems no one is talking about them.

Then decided that NM, SLU, and some other team that people are saying are final four chances I only have going to the sweet 16 at best. I assumed since people stopped talking about VCU, Miami, and Louisville (somewhat I don't like having them in my 4 because they're the number 1 overall, but most people writing them off worked for me) and either Kansas State or Wisconsin winning that region. But in one bracket I took Butler over Miami just...because. and have them losing to VCU and them winning it all.
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