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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by joe
I haven't been interested in wrestling since I was a kid, but what still interests me TO THIS DAY is the behind the scenes stuff. Why do certain wrestlers get over but not others, how are storylines configured, why do some pushes work but not others?

Then the techniques the wrestlers are using. How to get heat from the crowd, how they communicate with their "opponents." Just the mechanisms of pro wrestling that makes the engine run. The storylines are so boring to me now, but all the other stuff is interesting as hell.

Anyone know of any good books or dvd's on topics like this?

kind of the same way...going with patrick chewing said, i'd also highly recommend 'beyond the mat' (mostly the mick foley story) and 'wrestling w/ shadows' (kind of details bret hart's montreal screwjob).

really hard to explain why you like wrestling to non-wrestling fans. still get judgmental stares. i just try to say it's a male soap opera. but i get it...there's a stigma or whatever. you either get it or you don't. and that's not to say wrestling fans are some higher breed. it comes down to personality and what you find entertaining.

i just gotta say some non-wrestling fans are ignorant. i loved the south park episode making fun of it all. there's definitely those around that kind of take it that literally. i'm able to laugh it and there's still some others that think that's what REALLY happens. i've tried to get a couple of my friends into wrestling and they just can't, so it's like whatever. folks screaming it's fake without realizing yes, it's scripted...but these dudes still go out there 300 days a year on the road. the vast majority of ppl that go into wrestling schools don't make it and those that do usually flounder in the indies. not to say that a ton of those indie guys are talented, but it's just not an easy place to break through.

don't watch nearly as much these days though. i might not even watch mania. the build up has been shitty and there's really nothing there that makes me want to really tune in.

the undercard looks like garbage. no real conflict. henry was hot last year and they're pitting him against ryback? ryback has lost all steam now, so i don't get his pre-shield push. shield vs orton/big show/sheamus? is this the survivor series? and team hell no vs. langston and ziggler is the best they could do for the tag match? at this point, i just think wwe believes ziggler is too corny to make it to the main event. fandango in a possible triple threat match? for mania? people have already hit on the HHH vs. brock thing. HHH has been hinting at retirement for a while especially his last match. they do that stipulation too much. just a lame stipulation and i'd rather have seen brock vs. taker or punk.

seriously, i couldn't be less excited for mania. i'm almost positive cena will go over the rock. who's the next big star? are they just gonna piggyback off cena and rock?

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