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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

Originally Posted by Rose
all the dlc is gonna be multiplayer based one of the execs announced, of the ones they had planned anyways. Which is good or bad depending on your thoughts about campaign dlc.

How many hours did you spend trying to beat it Thorpe?

I'd guess 20-25 hours. I'll check for sure when I get home. But I'd say maybe up to half of that was spent obsessive compulsively rooting around levels for secrets before moving forward. Then again those secrets give you the XP you need to upgrade your weapons, so if you don't do that, you may wind up spending more time trying to beat the mission based elements of it because you won't have much firepower.

I gave the online multiplayer a shot the other night. I didn't see any campaign based multiplayer, and I was looking because I'm really not a fan of online competitive multiplayer. The only online stuff I've ever gotten into was Uncharted II's campaign stuff. If that's what the DLC turns out to be, it'd at least spark my interest, even though I may or may not buy it.

And this doesn't belong here, but has anyone gotten any of the DLC for Sleeping Dogs? I really enjoyed that game, and there appears to be a few additional mission type add ons out there. Some sort of zombie thing? Another about a car? Something about hidden cash packages?
There also appears to be a bunch of shit out there too. Like charging me 3 bucks so I can wear a George St. Pierre T-Shirt in the game. That sort of thing doesn't interest me much. But more levels I might do if anyone could tell me if they're any good.
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