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Default Re: Which Players Have Gotten the Most Overrated Since Retirement

Originally Posted by elementally morale
ALl 3 players have their cult of followers so fans of all 3 happen to believe their big guy is uunderrated compared to the other two. But the fact of the matter is, you easily build a case for all three being better than the other 2.

For Shaq, the case is built aroundd dominance, fur Duncan it's teamplay and for Hakeem it's offensive skillls and killer defense. To me, Hakeem was the most entertaning to watch. so he is my favorite player of the 3. (And 2nd favorite all-time only behind Magic.) But I can easily understand people having Shaq and/or Duncan ahead of him as far as the GOAT list is concerned.

I agree with most of this. I just feel Hakeem is the closest of the 3 to getting bumped off the top 10.
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