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Default Re: Haha @ The Holy Bible

Originally Posted by Is He Ill
The only way that ceasing to exist can be a reward is if you actually believe in hell, and atheists don't. I'm not an atheist, but in my mind I am fully convinced that hell doesn't exist. In your mind, you are fully convinced that it does. Why would any atheist fear the possibility of hell more than the possibility of no afterlife when they don't even believe that hell exists?
You've completely unravelled the whole argument. My use of the word "reward" was in reply to you saying "I get no reward by ceasing to exist". Its not about it being a reward, its that you'd rather not exist than to exist in hell.
Originally Posted by Balla_Status
How bout you dont judge? Plenty of nice people in porn I'm sure.
Surely there are, but who they are off the camera is irrelevant to my point
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