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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by tpols
True. I thought they caught it direct. Hard to do anything otherwise.
...because it doesn't make any sense. Think about it for a minute, this kid lied to every person on the planet, including his own parents about what happened that night. But, the people pushing this false narrative want us to believe that he immediately spilled his guts to his coach -- who is a notorious hard @ss -- and asked for it to be covered up?

What actually happened was, the principal and coaching staff called the kids in and the kids denied being at the party or having any involvement. They covered each other's butts and vouched for one another.

Once the police got involved, they specifically told the coaching staff not to make any moves with suspensions until they had a chance to conduct an investigation.

This is why nothing will come of this, and rightfully so. I'm just asking people to wait and watch. That's all.
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