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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by KG215
So, at the end of the day, if we want to be a Final Four caliber team next year we need everyone back that can come back

I agree with that. Again, not forcing McAdoo out the door... I'll be happy if he returns.

Part of the reason we are playing small ball is because Dex just doesn't provide enough on offense. In the case of everyone returning and no Wiggins, all we do is use the lineup we had early this year, except shift Reggie back to the 2 and PJ to the 3. Maybe someone emerges at center. I pray for someone to.

My concern (and main point about McAdoo) is that in this hypothetical lineup, we are forcing the ball to him even more now. There's a reason why his attempts are down since we moved to 4 out-1 in. Unless he develops some type of post game, his efficiency is just going to be awful. Plus he loses spacing to utilize his most effective move/play (imo): cut off a pick and slashing right to the rim. I don't know the technical term or play name, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

I also know Roy will feed any post player in that setup. The concern is that I can't help but think he will feed McAdoo a bit too much because he's returning to school with his lofty status. Remember what Barnes was allowed to get away with in his two years? I see it being the same, except less efficient and in the post. With someone like Brice in there, it will likely become a more balanced offensive attack. Mostly because Roy will be forced to with his main offensive weapons at the 1, 2 and 3.

That's all I was getting at.
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