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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

skills is not only tricks and joggling with the ball like ronnie and the other brazilians did... i know when someone says skills first thing that comes to mind is those crazy brazilians and their joga bonito... skills is more than that.. its intelligence and knowing what to do with the ball the minute you touch it.. just type iniesta skills on youtube you will see stuff that hasnt been done by other players

as for baggio being the best player of his time, im not so sure about it, when he played maradona was already done and it was a weak era for football anyway, now you have Messi and C.R who are better than anyone from the time Baggio played...

And iniesta doesnt depend on xavi and sure as hell doesnt depend on messi.. you could argue that he would even be a better player if those two didnt play with him, he would have more room and would be the first star of the team.. his only flaw is that he is not much of goalscorer but as we know he is one clutch muthaf*cka

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