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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Rubio2Gasol
The Height of Cantenaccio in Serie A a weak era for football? Jesus. You had to be a genius to play and become a star against those defenses, not like the pathetic ones we see today. Baggio was without doubt the best player in the world for an extended period of time ; a world with Matthaus, Laudrup , Guulit ,and most of all Romario, that was not simply something that was given to him.
Like i said it was a weak era. Except Romario who was overrated anyway, all the others werent anything special really... You mention Laudrup, now we have Iniesta who is a much better version of him, and he is not even a top 2 player in the world. Weak era. Fact.
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