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Default Re: I attended the Wizards @ Lakers game.. SMH (may be tl;dr worthy)

This loss will go on Kobe's shoulders and maybe D'antoni to some degree. I cringed in 4th quarter every single time Kobe got the ball. I knew it was going to go straight into isolation every time, and it practically did every single time. Sorry, but isolation the entire 4th quarter does NOT win you games. It occasionally does, but most of the time, it does not.

The opposing team knows where the ball will be so they stop focusing on defending other players. They throw 2 guys on Kobe and let somebody stay open. It's not like anyone else will get the ball anyways.

Mike D'Antoni is in a tough spot. If you tell Kobe to stop it or if you force it to change, it takes Kobe out of his comfort zone (that = potential firing). If you do nothing, it keeps everyone else out of their comfort zones. If you allow Kobe isolations every time, you don't win games (that = potential firing).

This won't be good at all heading into playoffs.. or even next few seasons as long as Kobe is playing. This is why I wish we had landed Chris Paul. Kobe wouldn't be able to force the ball out of Paul's hands to force isolation everytime. Organization wouldn't be able to do anything since we all know Paul is a bigger superstar than even Kobe now towards the end of his career. Paul would automatically have more control of the team, and I would trust him more to make the right decision more than I trust Kobe now. Nash is not a vocal leader to make changes happen if he felt necessary.
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