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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
I disagree, especially when it comes to the Wire specifically. You say 'one is watching a show not a documentary', but in a way that's exactly what the Wire set out to do- be a study/documentary of the ills that plague a Metropolitan area like Baltimore. The war on drugs, politics, law enforcement, the educational system, the media are all subjects that were covered by the show. Even the way the seasons were constructed was like a sociology book separated into chapters about specific areas (ie, Season 1 was about the 'cops vs robbers' aspect, Season 2 was about the docks, Season 4 the educational system, Season 5 the media).

So a huge degree of realism is expected and is executed for the most part.

I agree, it depends on the kind of show in question.

A show such as The Wire needs more realistic characters, not as bombastic, whereas The Sopranos can even benefit from it. Sure the Sopranos wants realism, but they're not trying to be what the Wire was.

Only brought it up is because some knocked the Wire and BB for having over the top characters, but they're not trying to be a documentary-ish type show a la Wire.
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