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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
I'm sure the real Omar has some great war stories and I'm well aware that Ms. Pearson has some dirt on her and spent 6 years in prison for killing another woman, as well as a recent drug bust she was involved in. I was just addressing a poster's assertion that the Sopranos was like a cartoon compared to the Wire, which clearly had the more outlandish characters and situations.

But I'm sure someone will fill me in on the exploits of the real nation of Islam, dead eye aim, bowtie wearing, one man muscle squad Brother Mouzone

Awww that was months ago, that's sweet that you still carry that with you. My criticisms of The Sopranos really hit you hard.

Funny that I even agree with you in this instance. Snoop and Brother Mouzone are two of my least favorite characters in The Wire, and Omar's supernatural feats annoyed me. I've criticized those characters years ago on this webzone, so no one can really pick at me for consistency. I definitely don't think The Wire is beyond criticism by any stretch, it's far from perfect. As long as it's valid criticism I'm totally cool.

It is kind of shameful though that you are deliberately trying to turn this thread into another Sopranos vs. The Wire thread. I understand your soul is burning, but we had that thread already. Bump that one if you must.
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