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Default Re: Who would you rather build your team around - David Robinson or Kobe Bryant?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
1992 NBA DPOY says Hi (over Hakeem)

1995 NBA MVP says Hi (over Shaq)

1995 Scoring Champ says Hi (over Shaq)

"soft" my foot! D'Rob is as cold as they come. Unlucky, He did not play in '00 decade of '10 decade.

Freaking Nowitzki still is an NBA Champ in today's era even after loosing 2006 finals as ULTIMATE SOFTY.

You think THE ADMIRAL will back down. He is a FAAKING 1992 NBA BLOCK SHOTS LEADER!

don't get PUNKED by D'Rob's ear to ear smile. He's not a MR NICE GUY in PAINTED AREA.
DROB regular season- 21/11 52FG
Playoffs------------->18/11 48FG

KOBE regular season- 25/5/5 45FG
Playoffs------------->25/5/5 45FG

One dips one stays consistent against better competition.
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