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Default Re: Is it cheating in 2K..

Originally Posted by Theoo
doing off ball defense in 2k is a pussygirl move!!! your should defend to him yourslef dont not make there fk** computer to it for you... but your say that he have a cheap moves too with layup / dunk then i think your did a good move , if he play a fk** cheap cheese moves then your can do offball to do that because there is none other way to do defense to that .. but i think in fair game your should always do defenes YOURSELVE, well i never make the computers to my job!!!its my defnese if i wanted watch the computer play then i wouldnt not be playing!!
This is pretty much exactly what he was saying

I will admit though defense is a lot funner when you D up his star man to man and stop him that way. I love the move when a player is sprinting down the sideline and you cut him off slightly which makes them go to the side with that animation and outta bounds. It's like a free push.
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