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Default Re: Who would you rather build your team around - David Robinson or Kobe Bryant?

Originally Posted by Scholar
If I'm building to win, I'd go with DRob only because in today's generation of the NBA, there wouldn't be a threat for him in the post. He'd probably average 25-30 ppg in the post alone.

If I'm building to draw large crowds and sell merchandise, Kobe wins by a landslide.

Now I don't want anyone to assume I'm calling DRob a better winner than Kobe because 5 rings don't lie, but this is also an assumption that we're starting this hypothetical franchise from today onward, which means Kobe would be just another 6'6" shooting guard in the league, albeit one who would make his defense look foolish practically night in, night out.
All while Robinson would be a 7'0" center with the best footwork in the modern era.

This, David Robinson would be a nasty mismatch for any "Center" today, he would abuse this small ball era....
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