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Default Re: Who would you rather build your team around - Kareem, Bird, LeBron or MJ?

Originally Posted by Cali Syndicate
Kareem probably has the GOAT college career. Bird had an excellent one as well.

Considering college is typically where talent is scouted....

Kareem - Easiest to build around a big. At 7'2" yeah he's pretty much the epitome of a big. Had the agility of a guard too. Excellent defender and rebounder with a great offensive game. Can't go wrong here.

Bird - Elite court vision and shooting ability. I'm thinking Bird would have been like a 35ppg scorer had there been a 3 point line.

Both MJ and Lebron athleticism were just clearly ahead of the field as prospects. Lebron as a high school phenom in a man's body and MJ as the majestic high flyer. Lebron had the hype as the Magic v2 so probably Lebron over MJ in this case.
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