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Default Re: Who would you rather build your team around - David Robinson or Kobe Bryant?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
D'rob with SCRUBS got to 1st round Post season & even 2nd Round post season. '

90s SAS franchise was completely D'Rob DEPENDENT.

Kobe with SCRUBS couldn't FAILED to make it to Post season.
Kobe BIGGER CHOKER as he lost series after going up 3-1.
Kobe BIGGER CHOKER for not showing up in Game 7 of Suns series.

Where is Kobe's consistency here?
Lol dude never in his career had a worse team than Kobe in 07. If anything, more people would have Rodman over Pau Gasol so when was Roberson excuse of losing in the first round in 94?
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