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Default Re: I attended the Wizards @ Lakers game.. SMH (may be tl;dr worthy)

Originally Posted by Scholar
5% on Metta World Peace:
3 of 6 from the field isn't bad at all... Until you realize they were all 3-pters. His only real shot attempt in the paint was an offensive foul with 34.9 seconds left in the game.
MWP isn't a 3-pt shooter. He has never been one his entire career, so why does he think he can suddenly become one now? We don't need him shooting 3's every night. His defensive presence is good enough. He's shot around 395 three pointers so far this season. That's more than any other season in his entire career! The 2nd most is from the 2008-09 season where in 68 games, he shot 383 three-pointers... While averaging 17 ppg.

Last month, I posted on this board about the fact that Artest was 6th in the league in 3pt attempts, having the 2nd(behind Kobe who shot 100 attempts less) worst % in the top 24 players.
World Piss is taking 6 3pt shots/game ave under 35
%, taking away shots for Howard who is among the top FG% AND Nash who shoot is in the elite 90(FT%)50(FG%)40(3pt%) class.
As Marv Albert would love to say, there is a reason most of the time that certain players are left wide open.
Yesterday, I watched some colleges games where players were so patient with their shots. Some can really hit those 3-pointers and yet they first look at the HIGHEST % shots. Atleast 2-3 times per game, Ron would just let if fly even tho his feet are not set.
I understand that Meeks is too short and Kobe at times are covering the best small perimter guys but Peace can also do other things like diving to the basket(Clark and Jamsion), setting screens(like Nash would do) etc.
He is so lazily contended to simply camp on behind the arc.
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