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Default Re: How good will Paul George be?

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi

17, 8 & 4

Looks like a young quarterhorse before the muscles show, can run the court with the NBA, plays strong defense.

Already an All-Star (although that's yet another achievement that David Stern has made worthless he's a total schlep kleyntshik schlong schlemiel )

George's weaknesses are
* turn-overs at times you wish he wouldn't.. which makes me wonder if he gets nervous
* lack of power in the paint... he needs to take lessons from Hansbrough in controlled violence.
* more core strength - this will come naturally as he grows up but he needs to work hard on ab & thigh. For that he should be talking to Sir Charles Barkley
* and this may actually be a strength I can't tell for sure but P George has a child-like style that is literally joyous like a Louis Armstrong solo ... danger is, that kind of emotional player can also plunge into despair - see Alexey Shved lately (and I REALLY hope Alexey comes to terms with that, he's got potential like.... well, llike a Paul George)

Already one of the best players in the league upside is only fantastic!!
This is pretty accurate..I would almost think you're a Pacer fan

He does turn the ball over too much, makes lazy passes sometimes, and doesn't always finish strong at the rim, although he has had 2 facials in the last few games....One on Tyler Zoeller and one on Larry Sanders...He's also not the best clutch player which I think he will get better at with age...
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