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Default Re: How good will Paul George be?

Originally Posted by Dro
His J is pretty wet as it is...Can be better but his J is almost money....I agree with the other 2 points....He really irks me not finishing strong in the paint because he has shown the ability to. Its just the way he gathers his steps, he takes long strides on the way to the basket, eurosteps, etc, and I think it affects his explosion...when he can get it, take 1 dribble and go up, then he can dunk on people like he did on Larry Sanders the other day...

That is exactly what I mean right there. His abs and thighs need work. There's leaping ability that's one thing - but that explosiveness with POWER to just shove over guys... that comes only with developed strength. He's got a lot of correct work to do in the weight room. The real dividends will show in the fact, over games, he'll be able to finish stronger, and tire less down the stretch.
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