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Default Re: Philippine Basketball Association Thread

16) Rudy Distrito – The legend of the Destroyer came into full throttle with his entry to the Ginebra franchise. Distrito fit with Jaworski’s system where physical play was never outdated and always mandatory. He was a streaky scorer, capitalizing on his unorthodox moves to confuse his opponents.

15) Romel Adducul – He was perceived as the biggest star that has never reached the PBA. That was why the fans were on high hopes when Adducul was taken by the Kings in the draft. However, despite him being an inside threat, his ability to score was non-existent. Nonetheless during his tenure, Adducul proved vital in their string of titles.

14) Jun Limpot – In a blockbuster deal, Limpot was picked up by Ginebra for Marlou Aquino. The Big Deal found a renewed passion that quickly gained them a finals seat against San Miguel (during Mark Caguioa’s rookie year). However, his Ginebra stint was marred with criticisms saying that he has no heart in giving his team titles. He was traded to Purefoods, where he got his first championship despite playing limited minutes.

13) Jayvee Gayoso
– He started out as an upstart during Ginebra’s Dark Ages. He eventually became the thrust of Ginebra’s offense with Cabatu and Jarencio, before the young reinforcements arrived. Mr. Adrenalin, as he was called, did stood his ground to maintain his status in the team by drilling timely triples that would send the Ginebra population at its feet.

12) Pido Jarencio – The former Santo Tomas rifleman went to the Gins via Pop Cola during the team’s Dark Ages. All of a sudden, he became a spectacular scorer (he was Gary David then but he ventured more outside the triple arc). He did soften a bit with the arrival of the new blood but the Fireman became a stellar find that would forever mark the history of the franchise.

11) Eric Menk – With the exodus of Tanduay, Ginebra received the player known to us as Major Pain. But the team waited a year for his services because of his RP Team loan. Regardless, when he entered the team, the team finally had a dominant scoring big man which simply made this adequate team into a superior unit which stands until now.

10) Vince Hizon – The former eighth pick of the 1994 draft came to the Gins via a trade which sent Nonoy Chuatico to Purefoods. The Prince blossomed into a perimeter threat, his bulk gifted with finesse and quickness, launched the Gins during the late 90’s. Hiz-on Fire was also a girl-pleaser, a rarity back then for Ginebra where they paraded hoodlum/stuntmen-looking personnel.

9) Jayjay Helterbrand – His brief stint with the Batangas Blades was enough for him to land a seat with the most popular ballclub. Blessed with speed, Helter-skelter became the new face of Ginebra’s vaulted run and gun backcourt. He took time off because of contract dispute but he returned in due time to rival Jimmy Alapag as the league’s best point guard. Alongside Caguioa, they are collectively known as the Fast and the Furious and the Bandanna Brothers.

Francis Arnaiz – Mr. Clutch played like Vince Hizon. Apart from their good looks, both were outside threats with tendencies to plummet penetrations given the opportunity. For three years, Jaworski’s best friend played back-up for the Living Legend to give the league its biggest backcourt punch in its early years. He left the country in 1986 and has since lived outside the Philippines.

7) Dante Gonzalgo – While he wasn’t quick, he was the Gins third main man behind Jawo and Chito. The Bicol Express proved to be the unsung hero of the team at times when they needed a serious boost to jumpstart their winning ways. Combining hardcourt savvy with an attitude rocked by the Jawo style of play, Gonzalgo stood his ground as one of the finest players the Ginebra fanbase has ever cheered upon.

6) Noli Locsin – Short for his position, he withstand his lack of height for quickness mixed with power. As a Jaworski go-to-guy, he controlled the paint, mauled competition, and strengthened the cause of the Gins’ quest for gold. This was perhaps his strength and also his weakness, as he failed to regain his dominance after he was traded out of the Gins.

5) Marlou Aquino – Coined once as Ginebra’s savior. When motivated he could demolish every competition laid in front of him. The Gins of the 90’s relied heavily on the Skyscraper in bringing the team to the top. Well, he did give the Gins something to cheer about. As the Gordon’s Gin Boars, they performed a dazzling display of tricks that would eventually land them a championship. He became disgruntled though with Jaworski’s ouster and was traded to Sta. Lucia for Jun Limpot.

4) Chito Loyzaga – He was the original Dynamite. Son of acclaimed Hall of Famer Caloy and brother to teammate Joey, he was Jaworski’s key contributor during the 80’s. Displaying an outside touch rare for big men then, Loyzaga has the ability to play all 5 positions in effective fashion when the situation arises. He was not a real offensive threat but he displayed great defensive awareness that helped his team to rise against competition.

3) Bal David – His amazing play with PBL Grand Slam team Stag made him a talent to scour for the La Tondena franchise. He started out just a person to compliment Marlou, he then sprinted to stardom with his innate ability to make clutch baskets. His half court buzzer beater against SMB is one of the 10 best plays of the league and his other buzzer beater made Asi Taulava cry. Just like Jaworski, he left the court not really saying he retired (he just went out of the spotlight but never finalized retiring).

2) Mark Caguioa – A virtual unknown when he applied for the 2001 Draft, many were puzzled how this blond-haired baller could even make an impact. Six years later, he is regarded as Ginebra (or perhaps the league’s) heart and soul. He took the league into greater heights with his amazing array of moves inside and outside the paint. His flamboyant, charismatic, and cocky nature fits him right in the mold of the Big J. His frequent trips to the finals revitalized the fans. The PBA has benefited to his unwavering desire to pick his game up a notch. It is safe to say that he is the next Jaworski of Philippine Basketball.

1) Robert Jaworski – He was the person responsible for creating this phenomenon. Ginebra was a cellar-dwelling team then and with his arrival, not only did he take his brand of game to the team but his hordes of fans flocked and switched their alliances to inspire every Gin cager. His on-court wizardry… and dastardly ploys is forever cemented in the PBA annals as one of the biggest moments that ever happened in sports. He was also a great motivator, still getting the crowd to its feet despite insurmountable odds. The first coach (playing coach) of the team led his group to numerous accomplishments. Because of Jawo, despite leaving the team in ’98, Ginebra is forever regarded as the most popular team in the league.
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