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Default Re: Meeting Walt Bellamy in about 12 hours...

Originally Posted by poido123
Phone rings...
Matt: "Hi Walt, how are you my man, we still catchin up today?"
Walt: "Um, who the f**k are you again? I don't know who you are..."
Matt: "Well, I wasn't that famous, you know, I was a bench player for most of my career...And I was supposed to meet you today, and um"
Walt: "Just stop there, I don't "meet" bench players of the league"
Matt: "But Walt, you said the other day, in that email I sent..."
Walt: "I am 73 years old, do you think I look at emails?"
Matt: "(sighs), must of been another Walt..."
Walt: "Yeah, you got that right nikka(facepalm), I have more important things to do, like anything really. have a nice day Mark!"

Reading through this was just awkward..
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