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Default Re: Sugar Shane Larkin

Originally Posted by LoneyROY7

We were already up 2 at that point after Shane hit the 3, w/ all the momentum in our favor...let's not make it out like it some crazy game-altering missed call.
Are you kidding me? Illinois went from having side out with a chance to tie or take the lead to having to cross their fingers and hope Miami missed free throws. I'm pretty sure you would feel a bit different if the shoe were on the other foot.

And, again, it didn't matter to me at all who won that game. I just hate to see officials play such a huge (and horrendous) role in the game.

Btw, having to face Illinois in the second round as a No. 2 seed was a very tough draw. They are capable of beating anyone in the country on a given night. Miami deserves credit for holding on in a very close game (all the way through) and making their free throws at the end. I'm not trying to take away from what they did.

But that was a horrible call and, yes, it altered the game.

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