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Default Re: Kobe Bryant has the 3rd leading PPG all time as a #1 option

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend

It's a silly criteria anyway. Shaq was still the #1 option for longer than kenneth is giving him credit for. A lot of Kobe's attempts are ill-advised shots that he jacked up to disrupt the intended flow of the offense.

kobe was verry under control with his shot attempts pre 2003

was much more within the offense

because before 2003 he wasnt fully confident in his 3 point shot

so.... wrong again

kobe was the legit 1st option in 2001 and 2002.

mainly because he brought the ball up the court and made himself the 1st option ( obviously )

i'm sure if they didnt have kobe as the main ball handler/play maker.. maybe shaq would have got more shots

but the fact is. kobe was the 1st option whether people like it or not

it also has allot to do with hackashaq and late games being close. kobe having to take over

i'm sure shaq was on average the #1 option for the 1st half of games. kobe was the clear 1st option in 2nd halfs... and it averaged out to more for kobe since he didnt have to take quarters off to avoid shooting ft's
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