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Default Re: FGCU plays how college basketball should be played

Originally Posted by Rake2204
They're down to the Sweet 16. I'm a University of Michigan fan so they're my team to watch. Their NBA connection is the fact they have Al Horford's brother (Jon), and also Tim Hardaway's son and Glenn Robinson's son (Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glenn Robinson III, respectively). Hardaway and Robinson could be drafted at some point. They also have a player of the year candidate in point guard Trey Burke. At one point they also had Jordan Dumars (Joe's son) on the roster too a few years ago, but he never ended up playing.

Repped, maybe I'll catch their next round game.

LOL at Robinson and Hardaway naming their sons. At least Dumars was paying tribute to da bess.

What other teams, prospects yo? Who's the projected number one pick?
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