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Default Re: Which Players Have Gotten the Most Overrated Since Retirement

Originally Posted by julizaver
I don't understand why some people said that Magic was the most overrated. Obviously they did not see him play. He was such an unique player. The most overrated player should be Bill Walton. And it is only because of injuries. He had great college career, had all the talent, but in his NBA career he was injured half his career and had only 2 or 3 good seasons (and they were also cut by injuries). I like him and his unselfish style of play anyway.

because lebron fanboys cant accept the fact that a lesser player to bird has more rings than a player who plays like lebron. In fact I consider bird to be one of the most overrated coz he only won once in his prime where he had better stats. The first 2 rings was when he wasnt posting superstar numbers yet. They just really dont want lebron to be exposed just like oscar so they defend players who plays like him.
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