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Default If your life depended on it, everyone would be picking MJ first.

Hypothetically if you had to pick 5 players to play for your life I would be picking MJ first. He always found a way to win. Find it hard to justify another player ahead of MJ.

Mental toughness is big on my selection. Bird was a supreme competitor and adds outside shooting. No room for Kobe, MJ better in every category. Canít think of a more dominate Centre then Shaq. I like big guards who can rebound, therefore Magic is stand out for PG. I know people will question Lebron given his history of choking. You canít go past the way he has played this year and last year. Plus he has MJ to save his ass.

Order of selection.

1- MJ
2- Bird
3- Magic
4- Shaq
5- Lebron

Would be interesting to know your starting 5, order of selection and reasons for selection?
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