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Default Re: Which Players Have Gotten the Most Overrated Since Retirement

Originally Posted by knicksman
Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
The Big O won a championship.

not as the man

Big O Caps Sweep

BALTIMORE (AP)—For the first time since he started playing basketball more years ago than he cares to remember, Oscar Robertson sipped the sweet taste of success.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had champagne in the dressing room,” he said off in one corner with just a trace of sadness as his Milwaukee Buck teammates celebrated noisily around him.

But the feeling was there for only a brief second, and then a big grin returned to his face.

“We only got soft drinks when we won the title in high school, but this is the big time.”

For Oscar, more than any of the Bucks, the champagne was a dream come true, the once seemingly impossible dream. For 10 years he had labored with the Cincinnati Royals, the top backcourt man in basketball, but never a professional champion.

And then came the trade to Milwaukee last year, and with it the final piece of the puzzle the Bucks so quickly put together in only three short years.

The dream came true Friday night as Robertson led the Bucks to a 118-106 victory over the Baltimore Bullets and a four-game sweep of the best-of-7 game series for the National Basketball Association title.

Oscar, still unstoppable at 32 years of age and giving perhaps the best defensive effort of his career, pumped in 21 of his 30 points in the first half of the nationally-televised finale as the Bucks surged ahead 60-47 by intermission, and never looked back.

And although 7-3 Lew Alcindor, the dominating giant in the middle who notched 27 points in the clincher, was selected the Most Valuable Player in the championship series, Robertson had his own backers.

“The MVP? Oscar,” said Coach Gene Shue of the Bullets, without hesitation. “He was the leader, he controlled the offense, he hit the open man and he played tremendous defense. I said when they got him they would be the best team in basketball

Alcindor, too, who has worked hand-in-glove with his fellow superstar to make the dream possible, had nothing but praise for his running mate.

“Oscar pulled us through,” he said after a slapping handshake between the two in the center of a wild, wet celebration. “When things bogged down, we could always look to Oscar
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