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Default Do You Want to See the Miami Heat Break the Wins Streak Record?

How many people here are rooting for Miami to break the wins streak record? I am. I want to see history. We all can hate on Lebron and how he acted like a insecure little man child with the whole Decision fiasco.

However, when the dust settles, we look back on the entire situation with a mature perspective. He's an athlete. He's human. Humans make mistakes. We all have. Our lives just aren't posted on a giant bulletin board called SportsCenter. Our words aren't replayed over and over again through channels injected with ESPN or splattered on celeb gossip websites like TMZ.

We can argue that he joined forces to stack the NBA deck of cards in his favor. Who hasn't? We can say he failed to live up to expectations in the 2011 NBA Finals versus the Dallas Mavericks. That's history.

This is the now. The present.

We live in the now, and right now the 2013 Miami Heat seem to be a team of destiny. Will they break the NBA wins streak record? Will they forever forge this team into the pantheon of NBA greatness.

I for one can't wait to see how the story unfolds. Good luck Miami Heat! It seems the NBA Gods are with you. Or.. maybe just the NBA kings(or king..)
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