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Default Re: Who would you rather build your team around - Tim Duncan or Oscar Robertson

Tim Duncan.... BUT.... only if Oscar could do what he did back then TODAY then i would love to take my chances with Oscar.... I mean 30 & 10 sure is much more offensive accountability compared to anything Duncan would give you per game, then he adds also 10 rebounds... 30-10-10 is what Oscar averaged in 5 seasons afterall.... hence logically i want to believe that Oscar would then be more impactful than Duncan if they had identically great supporting cast around them....

Oscar could score with the best of them
Oscar could rebound with the best of them
Oscar could shoot with the best of them
Oscar could pass with the best of them
Oscar could play/guard up to 4 positions....
Oscar could.......................

...and if he would be that in the modern era then i say give me what is probably the most complete player to ever touch a basketball...

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