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Default Re: Do You Want to See the Miami Heat Break the Wins Streak Record?

Originally Posted by plowking
Agreed. 26 in a row is not impressive. That's why it happens so often.

It's not important. Statistical accumulations are not important. If their schedule was broken up differently and some different teams later rather than earlier they'd have more losses recently, same record, no streak. I'm more impressed by the overall record, and the fact they look like they are cruising toward a title. Not the streak.

The Rockets a few years ago won what, 22 in a row? That team was meh.

The title possibility, the play of Lebron, these things impress me. The streak not so much.

If statistical accomplishments get you hard, that's your thing, not mine. If you told me the Knicks could go 82-0 next year i'd ask "do we win the title?". Would not give 2 shits about it.
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