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Default Re: Just uploaded videos for 10 NBA finals between '47-'67!

Originally Posted by Dro
Seriously, some people don't know shit....good post...I'm sure if ball handlers were allowed to do all the carrying and palming of the ball that they can do today, they would be crossing people over also...

And for anybody who doesn't understand progression...Of course the modern era looks better than the old school...where the **** do you think the modern era got its start? It couldn't be that they took and improved upon the foundation that was set for them....youngins... youngins on ish

Yup, and accoding to them, what these players did in their era showcases what they'd do in this era as well and constitutes "proof" that they wouldn't make the league.
Yes, I'd totally expect a 40's player to still take set shots if he played today and I'd definitely expect him to be unable to acquire a decent crossover dribble, which is such a hard skill to get that you have even 10 year olds and players from scrub leagues use it.
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