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Default Re: Just uploaded videos for 10 NBA finals between '47-'67!

Originally Posted by Psileas
Yup, and accoding to them, what these players did in their era showcases what they'd do in this era as well and constitutes "proof" that they wouldn't make the league.
Yes, I'd totally expect a 40's player to still take set shots if he played today and I'd definitely expect him to be unable to acquire a decent crossover dribble, which is such a hard skill to get that you have even 10 year olds and players from scrub leagues use it.

I wish I could find the post, but I remember PHILA posting a video of a little boy's team from the 1950's doing various AND1 dribbling "tricks" and antics with basketballs.

Edit: I found the post, but PHILA's youtube page had been terminated. Fortunately I was able to find a video of that youth b-ball team doing those "tricks." They were called the Dover Basketeers .

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