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Default Re: 'If Kareem was playing today he will rule the day''

Originally Posted by TheMan
Meh, if you are just gonna pick and choose one GOAT center and stick him in this weak big man era, we can do that for a number of them...

Prime Hakeem today, who'd stop him?!?!
Prime Wilt today, who'd stop him...
Prime Shaq blablabla...
Prime DRobinson, KG, Patrick Ewing, Moses Malone, TimmyD, Bill Walton etc point is, I'm not taking away from KAJ anything but it's a perimeter game today, it started in 2004 and it coincides with a lack of talent in the C position in today's NBA. Saying KAJ would kill in today's NBA, while that may be true because after all, who would stop him, you can also say that about a number of great centers from the past and the results would be the same...

People are so dumb. They honestly think it's just a coincidence that the rules changed (to make big men less effective and perimeter player more effective) and big men stopped being effective in basketball at the same time.
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