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Default Re: Garnett with inflammation in ankle. Could miss up to two weeks

Originally Posted by iDunk
I'd love to watch a Miami-Boston first round too.

Why? Boston will lose. Garnett's ankle, Lee has a sprained ankle, Rondo's out, Sullinger is out, Jason Terry sucks, and Brandon Bass sucks. They'll be lucky to win 1 game.

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
this is what the celtics get for milking everthuing they can get out of a 36 year old player. ainge should be giving garnett's old ass as much help as possible.

Ainge sucks man. He and Doc claim it's Rondo's team, but don't put the right players and right system in place for him to do really well... And it's worse that they've had KG playing the 5 the last 2 seasons, especially after he said he didn't like it. They haven't been able to rebound for 5 years and Ainge has only signed old ass scrubs to play center. I mean, Chris Wilcox is the second best big on the team in my opinion.
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