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Default Re: Do You Want to See the Miami Heat Break the Wins Streak Record?

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
The team is full of stackers and cowards. Ray allen leaving one stack for the next... if lakers beat them in the finals ray allen would go to lakers. Lebron wade and bosh rigging the off season was total bullshit and ruined a very good oportunity for the league to have a good off season. Just about every player on the team has taken a pay cutt to play stacked ball.. am i hating...... no im not hating. Furious that the nba is ruined by the players and illegal off season activity.... wanna win a ring? Easy take a pay cutt and join heat... buy yourself a free ring. To me the rings mean nothing.. lebron cowarded out cause he couldnt win one on his own team.... i wouldnt care otherwise
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