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Default Re: 'If Kareem was playing today he will rule the day''

With today's rules and refs highly unlikely.

What do people not understand? There are no dominant big men because the league made sure to remove the need for them. NBA is becoming more like NCAA with focus on guard play, perimeter scoring and the 3 pointer.

With the 5 second rule, 3 second rule, lightning quick penetrating PGs and constant slashing the big men get in foul trouble quickly and on offense they get doubled often. The refs also call offensive fouls more frequently.

If you think Shaq, Kareem and Hakeem would be putting up even more ridiculous numbers today you are naive. Shaq would be fouled out by halftime if he kept ramming and elbowing his defender, Kareem/Hakeem would have to move around and waste energy chasing these quick PGs and would get in foul trouble every time they touched Durant, Lebron, Harden, etc.

These guys would put up 28/15, but it wouldn't be any easier, the game has changed.
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