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Default Re: Aussies, please tell me about Adelaide.

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Thanks for the post. I wish I could change the thread title but I'm actually living in Brisbane now. I was at the Queen Street mall today this afternoon and it was really busy...on a Monday afternoon. And I took the ferry up and down the river to get over the jet lag.

I had quite a laugh over the aussie school boys...dressed ridiculously awesome. It's like a mix of crocodile dundee and english school boy.

I'll catch an AFL game for sure. And rugby here in Brisbane. Australia seems nice.
Brisbane like Sydney is more of a rugby town (NRL) over Aussie rules football (AFL). NRL always gets prime time over the AFL where the opposite is true in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. If you do to to the AFL, Brisbane are a bit of an up and coming team, so you should see some good games.
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