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Default Re: Is it cheating in 2K..

Originally Posted by BuGzBuNNy
It was a popular complaint when I used to play it online. Playing against friends it's never been brought up, but it does get annoying when everytime I pass the ball to the player one of my friends was guarding he switches off. I think 2K rewards on-ball defense, though, by making a contested shot by a user more effective than that of the cpu
Exactly, I've always felt this way. But yea, it's not wrong. I've realized that is one effective strategy. I hate it when the opposing PG just stalls time dribbling around. So it's awesome to control an off-ball player and deflect passes and contest everything in the paint.'

My favorite thing to do, is to turn off Reach In Fouls, raise the steals slider a little and every time I pressure the opposing PGs with my guy. No Double Teams necessary, easily get 40-50 steals a game, and a shit ton of fast break points.That's cheating right there.
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