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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by longhornfan1234
No one knew Obama before '04 Democratic convention. Dr. Carson is the hottest name out right now. He belittled Obama a month ago.

I get it. You have a problem on your hands. Ryan's not gong to do it. Rubio's not up to it. The party's not going to meet John Huntsman halfway. Hell, Jeb Bush is probably going to be a top three candidate. You don't have that deep a bench and you're probably facing a candidate with a tremendous name, recognition, deep experience, massive connections and the ability to raise money. And that's just Biden. If you get Hilliary, you also get the chance for the first woman president.

So you're willing to shake it up with a candidate with no name recognition, deep experience in something other than politics, no connections and an unproven track record of raising money.

You're right that Obama's profile was raised by the '04 Democratic Convention. However, he won his first election in 1996 or twelve years before he won the presidency. So if we are going by that schedule, Carson might be the man for 2024.

Also you want to compare and contrast a big speech at a Democratic National Convention and a big speech at CPAC. I'll start, for one people know what the Democratic National Convention is. For two, the Democrat who is in the best position to become president is invited. Christ Christie was nowhere to be seen at CPAC. Also, are you still pretending to be a a blue dog Democrat?

You know what Obama else did in 2004, he won an election to become a US Senator. Call me when Carson wins anything.

It's going to be a tough ride. Your best candidate may not make it through the primaries. Your establishment candidate's last name is Bush. And you have a Senator who's ego is big enough that he may run as a Tea Party third candidate. But you're right a lot could happen in four years. I didn't think in 2004 Obama would be the 2008 nominee.
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