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Default Re: Is it cheating in 2K..

Originally Posted by SyRyanYang
If you have decided it's not cheap why come here and ask if it's cheating?
Attention whore much?
Because I wanted to see the reasons for WHY it is cheap.. and so far nobody has given a good reason. 'It's just cheap man.. thats weak.' Itd be different if I wasnt playing D at all. I am. Im playing off ball because the computer shadows better and I can play help better.

If anybody plays NHL here theres a similar thing in it. When a player is coming down the side at two of your defenders you dont want to control the guy directly in front because hell deke right by you. You control a guy swooping in from the side so you can check him into the glass. Same thing. Except it isnt cheap in that game to let the cpu take him one on one while you help.

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