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Default Re: Is it cheating in 2K..

It's not cheap, the ****in game is way too unrealistic and arcadey, especially on defense. If you give any halfway decent dunker space he will rise up and dunk on your whole damn team no matter how many people are in the paint. The 3pt shooters will hit everything unless you D them up tight every time.

The defense in 2k13 is garbage, everyone is floating around, you can't control all 5 players so it's best to let CPU cover the ball handler while you provide the help defense. When you cover a quick ball handler yourself, he can blow by you no matter how hard you try to stop him, user controls are too sensitive and put you on skates, you will give up wide open dunks and 3s all game if you cover 1 on 1 all the time.

In 2k12 the defense at least "stuck" to players and didn't allow wide open dunks and 3s so many times, but now it's just open shot after open shot a lot of times. And Hall of Fame is still way too easy to cheese.
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