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Originally Posted by plowking
Anyone know what a good bench press is for a girl?
My girlfriend has been coming with me to the gym the last 2 or 3 months, and I have her doing a few light chest movements, but she saw me doing bench press and wanted to give it a go since she thought it looked fun. She's only 53kg (115lbs I guess?) and she managed to put up 30kg (65lbs) twice. I was actually quite impressed but she was disappointed in herself lol...

Well, if she never really does the movement then that should be pretty good. I probably can only put up like twice that or a little bit more but that's more because of a lack of practice. I guess a good goal to shoot for is bodyweight, which can take time. I don't know, I don't bench so I can't tell, but I assume the mechanical advantage would make it easier to achieve a BW bench rather than a BW overhead press. Looks like she has a pretty good attitude towards training though. I'd love to find me a lady who can hold her own with iron, too.
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