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Default Re: Scott Brooks on why he plays Derek Fisher so much.

Originally Posted by pegasus
I don't remember which game that was (probably game 4 or 5), but Fisher gave this speech before the game about always making the extra pass, etc. That's what you expect to hear from a vet, right? But later in the 4th quarter, when the game was tied or very close, he had the ball on a fastbreak, and instead of passing it to Durant or WB who were open and ahead of him, that midget took it all the way to the rim, missed it badly, and Miami went right back at them and scored an easy transition bucket. That play pretty much cost them the most important game of the series. So, long story short, fu*ck him and his veteran leadership.

Totally remember that!!

I was cursing his name!!! Goddamn fisher...pass the ball to KD I shouted to the TV....
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