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Default Re: Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Thread

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
I'm laughing my ass of at some of the stuff here. A "yugoslavian" team would be the best in the world? They would have a talented squad, but that's about it. Not even close to best or most talented in the world.

Let's not forget that they did take part in many WCs as a unique squad and they never did anything remarkable.
Their best team was probabily the 1990 one, with Stojkovic, Prosinecki, Savicevic, Boksic, Suker, Katanec, Jarni. They didn't get past the quarter finals.

Would their current team even be more talented than that one? Possible (assuming chemistry not an issue ;)), but that wouldn't make them the automatic best in the world.
Especially because most of their best players are all forwards and couldn't play together (Dzeko, Vucinic, Jovetic, Mandzukic, Pandev, Ljajic...).
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