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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
What's wrong with that? Curtis has been working his ass off for years in NXT, was given this shitty gimmick and is actually making it work, the dude is getting some real heat from the crowd..

Kind of like the 2013 version of goldust.

Also, its something different from the regular bland joe blow they always try to debut, Fadango is a character which is something that's been missing from WWE for awhile now. And its a good sign that he's getting such a push, they've done a really good job at building interest for this character.

He'll go over Jerich at WM no doubt
After a few videos of him, I'm beginning to see this. I'm actually liking his gimmick. It's definitely something entertaining and interesting, unlike most of their superstars at the moment.

I just hope Jericho doesn't job to him, though. A good match is all Fandango really needs.
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