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Default Re: Raptors official off-season thread 2013-14

All said and done there are probably 4 core pieces in Management mind based on performance to date.

This is neither an agreement nor disagreement just my speculation based on all the truth / rumours / press friendly and press unfriendly.

Jonas V
Rudy Gay
Amir J
Terrence R

One keeps reading rumors that Casey and Klow have a strained relationship which is funny because at the begining of the season all we heard was how Klow was Casey's type of player. Further Calderon was Casey favorite yet Calderon was a defensive liability.

I suspect that if Colangelo gets an extention (lame duck one again for 3 years) he and Casey have to be onside.

The great experiment of building around a Eurocentric roster is long gone and I would expect that the Raptors hope to build depth around the above... willing to take on youth if money goes out the door ...

Since Washignton has such an issue with John Wall - i wouldnt be surprised to see a package of Klow Bargnani for Wall and Okafur or something if it worked out.
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