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Default Re: Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Thread

Originally Posted by Rubio2Gasol
Not just in this context, but I think throughout Navas is the best candidate when making an offensive change.

Spain play a chess match, they break you down, if they can't it means you're loading the center and ignoring the flanks an the flanks aren't making you pay. Navas comes on and you start having to pay attention to the flanks and the center opens up again.

All the other midfielders, they collect and run directly to the centre and allow the the offense to be dependent on the most incompetent offensive player in the entire team - Arbeloa.

I do think though he misses a trick by not pairing Navas with someone in the mold of Llorente or Soldado to attack the box. His crosses often go to waste in the manner you speak of simply because they fall to someone not accustomed to being on the end of them.

I agree, getting Isco, Cazorla or Mata in the game would be a player-for-player change, but if you're trying to change the offensive scheme then you need someone like Navas. And I also wonder why Llorente is never given any real chances on this team, especially now with Villa sucking balls. As for Arbeloa, I don't think he's just offensively incompetent, he's overall incompetent. I really wonder how the hell he can be not only starting, but even on Real's roster. I would take Azpilicueta over him all day for the NT.
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